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We took over the business in June 2007. We bought & sold New and S/H Roadless tractors in there working day and were actually the last dealer appointed by Roadless to sell new tractors in 1982.  We only sold 2 new tractors before the company was wound up in 1983.

We are still in the process of unpacking & cataloguing a very large quantity of parts & drawings. We have over 40,000 original drawings which have been moved in to a purpose built office so they can be stored and stop them from deteriorating further. Amongst the drawings are some very rare and delicate finds.  We have the original serial number books enabling us to find when each tractor was originally sold & who to. If you provide us with your serial number we can tell you about your tractor, which will be sent to you on an official ROADLESS letterhead for a small charge.
  "Roadless" in now the registered trade mark of "John Bownes Ltd"
all wishing to use the word Roadless on eg. Badges, T-Shirts, Logo's, Decals etc. must contact us directly.

Many thanks for your support.
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